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▪   The Tainted Dress (agented)

▪   More Devils Than Hell Can Hold (agented)

▪   In the City of Falling Stars (University of West Alabama Press, 2016)

▪   Dirty Little Angels (University of West Alabama Press, 2009)

▪   Haunted Bones (Louisiana Literature Press, 2006)



▪   Forgetting” South Dakota Review.

▪   “The Missing Girl” Five Points.

▪   "Mean Blood” The Southeast Review. The Southeast Review. (finalist for World’s Best Short-short Story Contest)

▪    "Scrabble” BULL Magazine

▪   "Neighborhood Association” The Southeast Review (finalist for World’s Best Short-short Story Contest)

▪   “Blood” New South. Winter 2013 Issue.

▪   "Winter Wonderland” Corium Magazine. Fall Issue 2015

▪   Meat” New South. Winter 2013 Issue

▪    “The Girl with the Missing Face” Fwricition. Spring 2013

▪   “The Crucified Man” Corium Magazine. Winter Issue 2013.

▪   Baby Proof” Corium Magazine. Winter Issue, 2013.

▪   “Sons of God” StorySouth. Summer 2005 Issue.

▪   “Riding the Devil’s Backbone” Southern Hum



▪    “Botticelli’s Venus” Connecticut Review

▪    “The Birth of Night” Prairie Schooner.

▪    “Kindergarten Portrait of My Mother” New Delta Review

▪    “Coma” South Dakota Review

▪    “Black Mare” Texas Review

▪    “I Cut Myself While My Husband Plants Flowers” The Southeast Review.

▪    “The Spirit of Bridget Bishop” New Delta Review.

▪    “Prozac” Connecticut River Review.

▪    “Photograph of a Missing Girl” Texas Review

▪    “Sober in a Dry County” Louisiana Literature

▪    “Hypochondriac” and “Alzheimer’s” Caduceus (Yale)

▪    “My Grandfather’s Hands” Connecticut River Review.

▪    “Revolver” and “Gone” Story South

▪    “The Drowned Light”  Passages North

▪    “Ode to Gumbo” Southern Hum

▪    “Habit”  Louisiana Literature

▪    “At a Filling Station, On the Anniversary of Your Death” Louisiana Literature

▪    “September Funeral” (reprint) Story South.

▪    “The Ballad of Leander Trueblood. Southern Hum

▪    “Inventing an End” (reprint) Story South.

▪    “A Retired Voodoo Priestess Talks about Revenge.” Southern Hum.

▪    “The Etymology of Love”  Lullwater Review.

▪    “Apparition in a Divorce Decree” Tar River Poetry .

▪    “ Cow Tipping Near Indian Creek” Southern Hum.

▪    “The Etymology of Science” Red Cedar Review

▪    “Marie Laveau Talks about Magic” The Spoon River  Poetry Review.

▪    “Inventing an End” Red Cedar Review 

▪    “Apparition in a Marriage Certificate” The Louisville Review          

▪    “September Funeral” Half Tones to Jubilee 

▪    “Raymond Livaudais Talks about Faith”  New York Quarterly

▪    “Waiting to Leave” Half Tones to Jubilee

▪    “Envisioning the Marsh” Half Tones to Jubilee

▪     “Worn” Midwest Poetry Review

▪    “Winter Funeral”  Slipstream

▪    “Unexpected Conditions” Midwest Poetry Review

▪    “Remembering Leanne Thibodeaux” Midwest Poetry Review.

▪     “Memories of Chartres Street” Crab Creek Review.



▪    Rhythm & Rhyme: An interview with Louisiana Poet Laureate Jack Bedell. Country Roads Magazine.

▪    The Axe Man of New Orleans: A Jazz-Loving Jack the RipperCrixeo, August 2018

▪    The Yellow Fever Plot of 1864: A Confederate Conspiracy  ▪ Crixeo, June, 2018

▪    4 Strong Women Who Were Vital to the Civil War. Crixeo, May, 2018

▪    5 Legendary Duels: When Disputes Ended in Bloodshed, Crixeo, April 2018

▪    Contemporary Southern Writers: Slaves to the Old South. StorySouth (Spring Issue, 2011

▪    Aiming for Perfection: Meet Nationally Ranked Archer, Alee Vestal-Laborde. Dig Magazine.


▪   Beyond Forgetting: Poems and Prose about Alzheimer’s Disease, (Kent State University Press).

▪   Two poems included in Open Doors: Monstrous Myths & Legends Anthology, Wayman Press.

▪   Poetic Voices without Borders, (Gival Press).

▪   In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself. MW Enterprises, 2002.


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