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Author Promotion

Build a website / (
Include excerpts from the book, recent publications, etc., link to the Amazon page for your book, book reviews and blurbs, schedule of appearances, including bookstores, speaking engagements and conferences, contact information.
Start a Blog to Build a Readership A couple of times a week post something relevant to the topic of your book. Aim to create a genuinely useful body of knowledge. Interact: ask questions, create polls, tell a story, comment on other’s posts.
Invite someone to do a guest blog. Guest blogging is one the best ways to increase visibility, gain influence in your genre or topic and draw targeted readers to your online ‘bookstore’ or author site.
Give the book away for free. (Fear anonymity not piracy) Use time-limited coupons, giveaways and contests. Host a contest on your website. Offer bonuses or special extras to readers who purchase your book prior to a certain date.
Build your email list. Invite people to subscribe, and make it worth their while by providing remarkable content. Use your list wisely to create and build buzz for your launch. Engage your audience early, keep them ‘in-the-loop’, and ask for feedback so they become invested in the successful outcome of your book or project.
*Use nonfiction. Be Roxanne Gay. Become a subject matter expert. Write and post articles that relate to topics in your book. Contact sites or publications and pitch articles that will be of interest to their readers. (90% of books published in U.S. are non-fiction).
Attend and Speak (or Read) at Conferences. Contact conferences and offer to speak on topics related to your book. Pitch a panel.
Use social media. Share excerpts, publications, free chapters, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Goodreads and Pinterest.
Do book readings or author visits live or via Skype. Try schools, your local bookstore, library or community college. Take advantage of video. Record your readings and share on your YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Google+ and on Goodreads.
Use Vine. Make short videos of your writing process, experiences as a writer, etc.
Set up online book giveaways.  Try Amazon or Goodreads. Or try a member giveaway at LibraryThing. Librarything has 2 million users. Goodreads has 50 million users.
Create a press release. Include information needed for a reporter or blogger to understand value of your book. Include promo kit, head shot by a professional photographer, links, excerpts. (
Get early/pre-release reviews. Customer reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and the other book sites. feed into the algorithms that determine how your book fares on the various lists and also have a huge impact on visibility.
Make a list of book bloggers and online reviewers. Start sending your manuscript out (be sure to check their # of followers).
Understand Amazon’s system and use it to your advantage. Use categories to streamline and increase discoverability. Take advantage of the “Customers Who Bought This” option by having friends buy your book and a very famous book that’s similar.
Participate in a podcast tour. Do some research to find author friendly podcasts, or use your connections to create your own podcast tour.
Participate in (or organize) a virtual blog tour.  (XPresso)
Organize a small multiple city book tour with another author. (National Writers Union)
Be Realistic. Understand that the publishing industry has changed. Oyster, Amazon Singles, etc.
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